Temasek's 6-year report card shows $56b gain

From: makapa May-29 11:43 am

While ignoring that they are the BEST PAID in the world and how Sporns could have benefitted from these $58B! And god knows how they compute these gains, which probably are derived from sucking from Sporns' CPeeF!

Published May 29, 2009

Temasek's 6-year report card shows $56b gain
This is in spite of last year's setback that wiped out half the gains of 5 preceding years in just 8 months

(SINGAPORE) Temasek Holdings's portfolio grew $56 billion since March 2003 - as its $58 billion loss last year came after 'a much greater gain' of $114 billion in the five preceding years.

Providing these figures in Parliament yesterday, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that Temasek has 'performed respectably', and that 'the only reasonable way' to evaluate its performance was to see 'how the losses and gains add up, and how its overall portfolio performs over time'.

Responding to MPs' questions on Temasek's recent loss-making divestment of Bank of America (BoA) shares, Mr Tharman also said that its early exit does not detract from its position as a long-term investor.

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