Thio Li-Ann Not Fit To be NMP

From: "Seet KH"
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 18:06:28 -0700
Local: Sun, May 31 2009 9:06 am
Subject: Re: Thio Li-Ann Not Fit To be NMP

I did not undertand what the NMP meant. I thought she was affirming what her
mother stood for. For whatever it is, it is not good in Singapore. Except
forhousing, we observe that are concentrations of employment where one race
or the other choose to be in. For lack of opportuinities or the comfort of
commonality, this is fragile arrangement.

The schools is one area where you can observe how 'team work' organises
along such lines after dismissal time. For the good of Singapore, the Pledge
is the guiding principle. REGARDLESS of race, language or religion....... WE
should stand by this principle. When mman is equal, no fautlibes are

As for religion, keep it out. It is like dying for honour. You choose what
you want and the other can do likewise.

On May 30, 9:32 am, (Polar Bear) wrote:

> Thio Li-ann with her bigotry viewpoint makes her completely unsuitable to
> be an
> NMP to speak for broader group of people. She is only fit remain in the
> Church
> compound and never venture out of the little compound.

I agree with you. The parliament must not be converted into a
religious ground.

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