Malaysian News about Singapore First Public Gay Rally

According to Malaysian news, the "Island of Kiasu" or Singapore held its first public gay rally undisturbed. Some 2,500 supporters of gay rights dressed in pink-attires and gathered in a park in Singapore on Saturday, to form a pink dot.

The organisers of the event,, say the event was held to commemorate love in all forms and between people of every orientation. Currently Singaporeans can hold any gathering that does not touch on topics of race or religion.

According Malaysian news, Jack Soh of, there was no overt political message being sent to the government. It was not a protest or a political rally. The event was for Singaporeans in general - to affirm our respect for diversity and the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. It is an inclusive event that would reach all Singaporeans, straight and gay.

Many picnicked, danced and clapped to cultural performances from Singapore's various ethnic groups.

For many Singaporean gays getting together with in the rally is empowering and liberating. Stage actor Ivan Heng, the rally is really a landmark event for Singaporeans. [source:bbc]

So, what about Malaysian gays? If ever there is a public gay rally here, probably we should call the event as "One Malaysia Gay"! What say you?

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