Christian Couple sentence to Jail for Evangelism

From: Frankie Lee
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 21:34:46 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Sep 5 2009 12:34 pm
Subject: Singapore Christian Couple sentence to Jail for Evangelism

There was no dispute that the Tracts contents were false or
misleading, so in essence it was all truths but just that for reasons
that the Truth hurts, so the couple's honesty and integrity must met
with injustice. This is how all people should perceived, and only in
this light.

There was no revolt by the Christian community, nor any solidarity
shown as the couple was sentenced. There were no riots here. It was a
victory for the 3 Muslim civil servants who felt offended by the
truths of the Tracts, as they made complaints against the Christian
couples successfully.

If we see or hear any of them making incitements and hate-speech,
stirring social harmony, we all should report it.

This is the signals that were sent to all Christians today. This
signal is not to them because they had already acted on that signal.

I think we may have an explosion of jail-birds, if we have acted on
that signal.

It is a glorious sight to behold the Couple in full view from the
Paper, whose courage and heroism spurs Christians.Committed Christian
leaders, those who hold real sway/influence to our community here must
be gathering to discuss strategy concerning forgiveness to others who
hurt us and far from it for tit-for-tat.

On the other hands, none is so silly so as to be bullied into a corner
by Jihadist forces of evil, as perpetrated by them all around the
world, whose footprints-pattern can be seen by the 3 Muslims civil
friends. In Pakistan, Iran or Taliban countries, the two couples would
be stone to death. We have yet to be evolved to that stage. Coming

The Kingdoms of Christ is not of this world.Otherwise, we would have
riots and fight physical battles. The Christian couples cared for the
Muslim people so much so as to show them knowledge from the other
perspective of the light, and instead of knowing how much sacrifice
they had been through, they bitten the hands that feed them.

There will be plenty of conversions from Muslim to Christianity as
wise Muslims begin to see the other knowledge.

Quite similar to this case, many Christians actually died in those
Middle Eastern countries. Our King of kings began to appear to many
Iranians by visions,and upon the blood of many martyrs, He knocked on
doors after doors, telling our Muslims fiends who He is and how He is
the only way to God and none other. He is the only way to escape Hell-

The frantic movements of His steps to steps, house to house, one by
one seem a long and protracted one. Jesus looks pathetic, like an
unwanted salesman knocking on doors as rejection rate climbs. He
quickly moves on to another house, once the host reject Him.

Every Christian should know, any methods used so as to further His
cause are approved by Heavens. It may come as clever, unwise, gentle,
crude, soft or hard; it doesn’t matter at all but as long as the
gospel is preached, I rejoice, …so Paul said.For in it,it matters

We shall die, as all would. All of us are waiting for our coming
griefs, tragedies and sorrows. We have accustomed to welcome sickness
and diseases to inflict upon us soon. Coffins are always ready for you
because they know you will be in there, too.

You can boast of your achievements in life, the monies you had but you
also know it is truly very vain and meaningless. You could be also
struggling in life. The hollowness in your life, you cannot lie. Your
daily meaningless pursuit leads you to nowhere but wasted times, to a
Christ-less eternity. Your Sins will locate you.

Moses wrote that all the misdeeds of your life, will seek to hurt you
and there is no escaping, and for each sin, 7 times of worst effects
shall come upon you, in this life.

Jesus declared that much worst effects shall come upon you, in the
after death, where there will be wailing, weeping and gnashing of
teeth at the other end, forever.

For those who refused to see the light, please be advised to make
merry and make your life here as fun and as enjoyable as ever, for you
are uncertain of the next life. Eat the best food, live the most
selfish lives and die like a dog.

Grab, Get and be satisfied with all your yearnings and longings of
things; as much as your desires dictate. Be accountable to no one, and
who cares for the next?

What does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his own

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