Liberal International complain to UN on Singapore abuse of Human Rights

From: "Observer"
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 09:27:10 +0800
Local: Fri, Sep 11 2009 9:27 am
Subject: Re: Liberal International complain to UN on Singapore abuse of Human Rights

"truth" wrote in message

> Singapore

> The International Bar Association (IBA) produced a report in July 2008
> after it held one of its annual conferences in Singapore. In that report,
> the IBA stated that:

By the time you peasants found out that you actually
can complain to the UNHCR, we the elites have already
completed our siphoning of your money to become ours.

See how we were able to start companies using capital
provided by you stupid peasants, then pretend pretend
that these business are doing well, and then when we
think that you peasants have forgotten how and where we
got our capital, we then sell off these companies assets
to "private" companies (which are connected to us lar...).
That way, we have cunningly and legally "transferred"
public wealth to become ours.....get it.

Those other dictators like marcos was not so smart. We on the
other hand use all our SCHOLARS cleverly to swindle
you peasants....thats why we only hire SCHOLARS who
through years of mugging on narrow subjects, are completely
unaware of their wider moral responsibilities towards the
poor public that funded their studies. You think we the
elites never plan all these carefully so that we do not
get caught like marcos and suharto issit?

I mean, see how STUPID you stinkaputs are....that
you have a law that states that ONE person can
be charged for illegal assembly?
Where in the world of other democratic country do
you have such RIDICULOUS law ah?
You bozos don't even know hov to write to the UNHCR
to highlight all these ridiculous laws but kwai kwai follow
them...but don't blame yourselves don't know
all these because we made sure our SCHOOLS never
teach you all these things. We only teach you maths and
science so that you are never aware of your own rights
and our history of working for the enemies.

Whilst you stupid monkeys are torturing your kids
to study useless things, we are quietly sending our
kids overseas and siphoning off your money to become
ours. Thats why your kids, even though they are
NET savvy, don't even know how to email the
UNHCR and tell them of the RIDICULOUS laws
like the above and that you cannot even take
pictures when the police beat you up.

So please kow tow to us, the elites who have
graciously allow you to live in stinkaput.

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