ST photo of Ris Low named as “sg-stupid.jpg”


Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:08 pm Post subject: ST photo of Ris Low named as “sg-stupid.jpg”

The digital edition of the Straits Times has labelled one of the photos of ex-Miss Singapore World 2009 Miss Ris Low as “sg-stupid.jpg”!

The Straits Times has been conducting a media witch-hunt on Ris Low and the organizer of the pageant ERM World since SPH journalists dug out her past conviction last Friday.

To ensure that Straits Times does not try to wriggle its way out by changing the name of the photo later, we have taken a snapshot here:

Read rest of article here:

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:35 pm
Singaporeans are generally selfish and will not hesitate to kill one another. That's true in every workplace, and epitomised in Miss Low's case. She is undone by her own Singaporeans.

In 2 of my 7 previous jobs, I have to resigned because cannot put up with Singaporean women bosses.

It is only in the other jobs under Filipinos, Chinese and Indonesian, that I discovered lots of human touch and care. Maybe because they had a hard time getting to where they are, and so appreciate people who try hard and help to nurture them. Failure is the beginning to more success is what they hope to achieve for their staff, and you feel really obligated not to disappoint them the next time you had the chance.

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