Myth over LKY's family holding high office

From: "truth"
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:39:50 GMT
Local: Thurs, Sep 24 2009 10:39 pm
Subject: Re: Myth over LKY's family holding high office

At 86 years old, his brain is weak and operating at less than 50%
capacity. His physical is suspect and his energy low. His capacity
for work is limited and his ability to take stress is low.
That is why he ended up making such disastrous judgement like
Singapore is in a "Golden Era." That Asia will be shielded from the
Western financial crisis.
He is still in power because he has used his dictatorial power to
decimate all who are a threat to him and his family.
In the FreeWest he would have been dead by now and his family
fallen into disgrace.

"Teshan" wrote in message
He's the best person for the job otherwise he would be voted out the
last ge..

On Sep 24, 12:40 pm, "truth" wrote:
> Wednesday, September 23, 2009
> Lee Kuan Yew says the darndest thing.
> 'After five years, nobody doubts that he is able to do his job better than
> anybody else, so the question has stopped being asked.'
> -Harry Lee on Harry Lee Jr. in a Q&A to 10 hand-picked Moscow students

> This is the myth of the Lee family- that they were thrust into high
> positions just purely on their own abilities and the fact that Lee Kuan
> Yew
> was PM had absolutely nothing to do with it. This myth has been repeated
> ad
> nauseum that they themselves even believe in it. Not so for some
> Singaporeans.

> The problem is that no one else is given the chance to decide. How do we
> not
> know that there is someone who can do the same job better for half the
> price? It is time to out-source our PM's job to Singapore's PRCs or India
> Indians in the same way the PAP outsourced our jobs to them. :) Maybe
> there
> is some foreign talent who is much better than Hsien Loong.

> Harry has seriously lost touch with reality. But to preserve his sanity,
> his
> lackeys should have hand-picked the 10 students more carefully.

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