Why Lee Kuan Yew is formidable

From: "lobert"

Lau Lee has the de facto rights to own anything he likes. He can manipulate
anything at his whim. He can screw you up. He can bankrupt you and also can
put you in jail. He jailed a man he branded as "communist" for 23 years.
The late Lim Chin Siong was also branded a communist and was also jailed.

Chee Soon Juan was in a way lucky. He was politically and monetarily
bankrupted and was legally forced to abstain from election. JBJ was
bankrupted and was discharged after paid up hefty sums to The Father - The
Son - and the Holy Goh. Unfortunately he died shortly after that.

Lee Kuan Yew is formidable. He can be compared to great leaders like the
present Burmese ruling warload of the present Military Junta in power and
the great leader of communist North Korea.

"truth" wrote in message

> Recently Temasek wrote to the WSJ to say that they don't
> manage Singaporeans money. Whose $ r they managing then ?
> Or are they slowly trying to psycho Singaporeans into this
> idea that the money in Temasek is not theirs. Thus laying the
> groundwork for some other people to take over ownership
> of the funds.
> To me this is an extremely dangerous warning to what is
> developing behind the secretive walls of the papist leegime.
> Singaporeans better watchout and be on guard. Better still
> vote in some checks and balances. Otherwise one of these
> days they will wake up to find that all their reserves have been
> spirited away.

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  1. Sometimes we've got to look elsewhere for truth-- foreigners, namely. They have an objective view of what is going on in Singapore, and one guy named Assange has leaked out that LKY is a bag of skin and bones.