The Seditious Act.

From: Frankie Lee
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 01:12:18 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Sep 5 2009 4:12 pm
Subject: The Seditious Act

The Seditious Act.

They murdered the Queen's English.

Today, arguments presented in the court of Laws normally twist logical
sense to make nonsensical sense so as to fit into personal fantasies.
The well known meaning of Seditious Act, normally refer to pieces of
writings or speech that incites fighting against the Government, by
violence. No where in the essence and spirit of the meaning can it be
referenced to Religions.

Under weird definitions, unknown to many, it is referenced to Religion
here. The late JB Jayaretnam called” our Laws” an Ass as he fought
hard and long, tedious legal battle. He was never rewarded for all his
wisdom and kindness bestowed to our Singaporean, having many here even
tried to shun away from him as he went around pathetically
distributing leaflets.

I may be known as someone who believe in the PAP, but more so in Faith
toward God, and a good conscience as my guide.

Given the explosions of information Technology, and easily available
news and information, it is preposterous and down right outrageous to
think that distributing Tracts such as those from that Christian
couple would cause religious disharmony. Why make a mountain out of a
molehill? Unless we have someone still living in a pigeon hole, and
just because they chose to be ignorant doesn’t make everybody

Goh Chok Tong Scarf issues incurred hate speech against him, and how
many Muslims have committed seditious act offence? What about the
entire Islamic community here then, despised LKY,over HDB rules and
they truly used seditious speech? Just because there were no
complaints, that doesn’t make it untrue.

The true peaceful religion Christianity believes in peaceful ending,
not stirring up troubles by rioting, violence, creating tensions and
makes small reports.

Religious Harmony meant we overlook over those issues and move on. But
nitpicking over that Christian couple, that is just too much and too
nonsensicals.The real culprit, the arsonists usually gets away. Why
are we so stupid to have fallen into the deception like those folks in
elsewhere, creating tensions on behalf for them, fighting a war on
their behalf?

Let religion fails or succeed up to their own, just like we do it for
Businesses. If they have feet to stand they will survive, without our
interventions. Let them defend their hollow Faith or Faith with
substances, merits or demerits. A good secular government will never
side with one, to hurt the others deliberately.

Sometimes we vomited blood talking to some smart Alec-ses--how can it
not be a storm having lost 40 billions? The dumb remarks by some nuts
naming it as “storm in a tea cup”. Goodyear infamous Oil-for-food
scandal was scandalized in our world’s news. If people have known the
other side of the story surely it will make headlines.

How can it not be offensive to the Christian community, and
unnecessary tensions created, to jail a Christian couple over their
goodwill gestures and kindness by giving Tracts to Muslims?
Their full pictures appeared, as though trying to shame them by our
liberal and godless press? It is as though that Aware Lady and the
Couples were committing heinous crimes? In our today’s world, lay
Christians saw them as glorious, shinning knights in our lost city.
These two Christians inspired more to become like them rather than the
other way round.

Every Christian knows that as “PERSECUTION” and they are doing a good
cause for the Lord’s Kingdom. Unless you refer to coward believers,
easily intimidated. Or you may refer to compromising Christian
leaders, who have no personal relationship with the Lord.

Chee Soon Juan was such a disappointment to many, but our world really
sees it as “persecution”. When this web came along, how many here
fighting for his cause? He inspires, and his Christian Faith remains
strong despite setting on the wrong footing.

It is the Christian community who felt at ease that Dhanabalan is
holding Temasek, and the many billions $ because of his integrity and
his Christian Faith, for we know what the Bible teachings were. It is
uprightness and integrity. It is an open secret.

Good people are punished because bad people make nuisances.

We don't live like a frog in in a well,a closed society,communist and
was known as dumb folks anymore.

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