Singaporeans are fedup and angry with the Lees

From: "truth"
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 12:00:41 GMT
Local: Tues, Sep 29 2009 8:00 pm
Subject: Singaporeans are fedup and angry with the Lees

The level of resentments to the Lees high handedness and their
domination of politics in Singapore have been rising over the
years. It has now reached a dangerous level to the extent that
people are openly cursing and swearing at LKY and his
family for the hardships they have caused to hardworking and
loyal Singaporeans. These people were not trained and equiped
by the Leegime to compete against the massive influx of foreigners.
With only a secondary education they have nowhere else to go to
escape from their miseries brought upon them by the Leegime
policies. These people have dutifully obeyed the government,
study hard, work hard and served their NS. Yet for all their
willingness and efforts as demanded by the famiLee, they are
still struggling. There are even resentments in a large segment within the
pap itself. How can one man dominate for so long ?
The level of frustration, disgust and anger with Lee Kuan Yew and
his family will eventually reach melting point. The day is not far off
when the pap will realise that the Lees are a liability to them.
When that day comes, being a Lee will be a curse. Things will
change rapidly the moment LKY up the lorry. Those LKY asslickers
and cocksuckers will change their skin to survive.

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