Mah Bow Tan says HDB flats still affordable

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:31 pm Post subject:

Bulldog wrote:
u need a backup plan to settle elsewhere. singapore has turn into a place for the rich only. only the rich can really enjoy life in sg.
those middle to low income group will need to struggle even when u become lao kok kok to pay off ur loan

DontAnyHowSay wrote:
this "PUSH" factor has infact been there since they lasted coined the term "quitters" - DONT BE A QUITTERS. But all the policies are working towards this "PUSH" factor. Very sad.

Many will come, but even more will leave. The EXODUS has actually begun.....

Bulldog wrote:
no one wana be a quitter.
but for a normal society to function. only a small % can be rich
and the majority have to settle to be da gong zhai.

DontAnyHowSay wrote:
yes. the term was meant to be "negative' and to discourage.
however, it is also normal for the masses to "fight" their way up to the rank of "rich". and going overseas in search of better opportunities is one. I don't call this group of people "quitter", in fact i respect them for their courage and sacrifices. a road that myself is taking as well.............

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