LKY backtracked on military option

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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 11:05:44 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Sep 4 2009 2:05 am
Subject: Re: LKY backtracked on military option

On Sep 3, 10:36 pm, "truth" wrote:

> Wow, now LKY dare not confirm that he will call in the
> military should Singaporeans kick out the pap from government.
> See, he must have realised now that he is so out of touch with
> the thinking, aspiration and feeling of ordinary Singaporeans.
> He now admitted that the pap may lose power. For him to say
> this in public is a good indication of the level of support they
> are getting from their own internal survey. As I have said, LHL's
> approval rating is similar to George Bush - in the twenties.
> Singaporeans should continue to pressure the pap leegime. Don't
> have any sympathy for them. Afterall they have no sympathy
> for the ordinary Singaporeans. Give it to the papist leegime
> Singaporeans. Time for a change of government in Singapore.
> Over 50 years with the same old leegime is very stiffling and
> suffocating.

not only this message been said but also the serup of more casino
etc which will cause people to gamble more and lose more money
due to greed as the earning of Singaporeans are just like this only.
The other problem which we can say is part of the casino problem is that
loan sharks are more daring these days which I think by the time the
casino at the two IR is up at Marina and Sentosa, there will be more violent
issue that might happened due to loaning of money etc. What a bad idea of
this casino issue.

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