Casey Lin say Singaporeans are inflated expenses

LiAhGong wrote:

Crucial to survival of this company...
THE negative view of foreign talent misses a truism for employers like me which is this:
Singaporeans may have achieved academic meritocracy but professional meritocracy needs a drastic lift. The foreign staff in my company have contributed invaluable insights into the way we operate. Previously and for years, when my company's workforce was almost wholly local, we were bereft of such fresh and productive insights.Foreign staff have improved my company's productivity and added to the wealth of our collective knowledge. Hiring locals can lead to a false sense of professional growth.

For instance, when we had a staff crunch because of stringent quotas on foreign workers, we had to keep the local staff who were prima donnas or largely unproductive.

We gave them pay rises because we could not afford to lose them.
But the salary increases only served to give the less deserving local employees an inflated sense of their professional worth. It is hard to compete now because the lack of sufficient labour has increased our business costs which is in turn, threatening to price us out of our market.
Foreign employees not only help keep our labour costs competitive, they provide a much-needed reality check on the sense and value of our professionalism.
--Casey Lin

I disagree with Casey Lin, as i came from two multi billion local MNC, I see it as local boss refuse to trust local talent, but willingly taken in by foreigners, bec the local bosses in the beginning had already look down on local talents.

garyngng wrote:
Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:18 am

Lots of locals are very good at cost cutting and very innovative in driving productivity. Casey probably did not know or he himself as he said, is living in a false sense of professionalism. And did not make enough effort to find those Singaporeans who can do the job.

So to Find the easy way out, he gets some foreign talents to sought out his own mess, and blame it on the Singaporeans.

He is probably right about some Singaporeans, of which he is a good example, provided he is a Singaporean in the first place.

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