Watch how Ris Low wear a condom for you

Singapore’s influential celebrity, Ris Low, has captured our imagination again.


The former Miss Singapore World 2009 recently made a video with Clicknetwork promoting safe sex. Ris Low donned a bikini and demonstrated the technique of putting on condoms... with bananas.

Unfortunately, Espire company (Ris Low is the brand spokesperson for Espire condom) did not think too highly of this video.

The company felt that the video made Ris Low look silly, and it affects the image which they are trying to portray for their brand. As we know, things are never straightforward with Ris Low. In a surprising twist, she claimed that Espire knew about the video and were “fine” with it.

I don't know who is telling the truth but do check out the video and see if Ris Low looks silly or not.

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