Singaporeans household debt amongst highest in the world

From: "truth"
Subject: Re: Singaporeans houselhold debts amongst the highest in the world

Yeh these papist nincompoops are a bunch of
frustrated maniac. So to let of steam, they screw
Singaporeans esp the poor and the average ones.
They hated the poor and average Singaporeans.
These papist nincompoops are sadistic.

"yansimon52" wrote in message
On Feb 5, 11:42 am, "truth" wrote:

> Singapore 174% of personal disposal income.
> UK 116%
> Japan 100%
> USA 90%

> No wonder Singaporeans are struggling. Work the longest hours
> but get the one of the lowest pay, they have to borrow huge sums
> to buy their expensive homes. They take a lifetime to service their
> mortgages leaving little for their retirment. No wonder Singaporeans
> are a very stress lots.

Almost all sgian kena fucked left and right on PAP govt
policies.......becos, MIW only fucked their wife. Should provide those
vietnamese girl to our MIWs for free fuck...just to keep their libido
Just like when you always locked your dog not allowing him to go out
for a walk...this dog is too frustrated and become very fierce. Same
as our MIWs....they behave tooooo decent....this may affect their

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  1. wow, you are so valgur but most of us Singaporeans know that it the universal truth.
    Vote the Bas***ds out in the next election