PhD Taxi Driver published book

From: "David Teo"

When I read his blog, I thought it was fiction. However, I had a physicist
friend formerly from the same institute who confirm this chap is real.
Although he was China born like my grandfather, he is very much a
Singaporean. And we should respect him as one. What would be interesting to
know is the other side of the story from the institute's new management. dt

"Zanzibar" wrote in message

> Thursday, February 11, 2010
> Announcement
> I am pleased to make the announcement that the book entitled "Diary of a
> Taxi Driver" is now being published and will be available early next
> month.
> The book contains the edited posts from this blog, as well as a number of
> stories and other materials written exclusively for the book.

> You can pre-order a copy of the book from this blog now. If you do so, you
> will get a special autographed copy, priced at $19.90 (no GST) per copy
> with
> free delivery via Singpost mail in Singapore (international readers will
> have to wait till book is available on

> To make the order, please go to the site place the
> order for the book using your credit card. The book will be mailed to you
> once it is printed in late Feb/early March.

> This book would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and
> encouragement from all the readers of my blog. Therefore, I would like to
> thank all of you for your support.

> Wish everyone a prosperous new year of tiger.
> Posted by Mingjie Cai

It will be very interesting to read this book. I can't imagine this
chinaman taxi driver who was previously a A star stanford scientist
could end up in this way in Singapore. I hope this book can be read as
free read in google books.

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