Singapore should follow China's system?

From: baldeagle
Subject: Is election the fail-safe way to good governance ...or just an illusion ? China has a better system.

On Feb 2, 6:04 pm, "Chairman Mao , expert" wrote:

> Chinese in China don ' t even have a chance to cast votes .

You are wrong...and ignorant.
Chinese DO have a chance to cast votes….in provincial (or
States) elections. All grass-root leaders and Congressmen are
elected by the Chinese people.

An election is NEVER a sure way to ensure only good
leaders are appointed as rulers. Everywhere around the
world (including the USA) leaders elected by popular
votes turned out to bad rulers....not the kind of leaders
expected by the voters...

The leaders elected by popular votes somehow turned bad, ...
They failed to keep their campaign promises, they become
dictator.. they become a proxy(puppet) of a foreign power,
of powerful business companies, of special interest groups.

The idea that popularly elected leaders are good leaders..
is an illusion.

China has adopted a better system.... The Chinese model
of selecting leaders has resulted in good governance for
over 30 years.

China's system work this way: after being elected in
provincial election, the grass-root leaders with good
potentials are tested in higher positions...
If they proved themselves worthy, they are appointed as
junior leaders in the central (Federal) government….and
tested repeated again.
On leaders with good track records, proven leadership
talent and proven abilities are appointed to be ministers,
and best proven leader is appointed, the President.

This new system has served China well.

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  1. Talk about a load of bullshit.the Chinese government is one of the most corrupt,incompetent and poorly ran governments in the history of the planet.The only reason China is in teh position it i sin is because traitorous republicans in teh United States did everything they could to ensure all of America's industrial and technological capacity was sent to China.The communist idiots who run China haven't the first clue on how to administer a capitalist system.They're answer to every problem is to execute as many people as they possibly can.