Mah Bow Tan please resign

From: "truth"

That is the trouble in Singapore. Too many dead
woods are kept there because they are LKY-loyalists.
People like Wong Kan Seng, Lim Hng Kiang, Mah
Bow Tan should have been sacked long time ago for

Eventually, average Singaporeans will be the one who
have to pay the price for such systematic rotting.

"yansimon52" wrote in message

On Feb 26, 8:48 pm, "truth" wrote:

> I am calling on Mah Bow Tan to resign. He has screwed up
> the public housing program big time.
> Under his stewardship the HDB has swung from an excess of
> 30,000 units a few years ago to a current shortage of 50,000
> to 100,000 units.
> How could he be so very very wrong and keep his job ?
> Mah Bow Tan thru his incompetence and negligence has
> messed up the lives of so many Singaporeans.

Halo truth...whatmatter most in Sg politics is....he is capable of
'hoo lan par' the Familee........and his million $ salary will then
start rolling in thru his GIRO.

From: Politikus
He created HDB shortage so the average S'porean can have their flats
valuation and resale value appreciate... ;-p


  1. Likewise, he should resign before the citizens 'revolt'

  2. Don't you all see the concept behind the HDB shortage...
    -Valuation push up, COV also up
    -seller after selling can upgrade to private apt/ condo
    -start release plots of land for developer to bid and earn big $
    -approval more Enbloc sale to clear those space for even more bidding
    -private est value goes up so their land price also can push up

    they want the majority of the HDB owner to be happy, the other 5-10% unhappy is ok. It can be the opposite right.... Don't forget polling is come very soon.

  3. i want him OUT also. Hearing him talking or reading his useless comments on papers make my blood boils. *argh!*