Singapore rank 70th in Quality of life

From: OngBak3
Subject: Poor Singapore rank 70 in Quality of life

where is our Swiss standard? Swiss ranked 3 le, Think Ah Goh forgotten
his promise to give common Singaporeans Swiss standard.

To get to Swiss Standard, you need innovations. The way we talk
productivity and GDP growth must have made the Swiss laugh until
stomache pain.

We are always told to excel in everything we do, to be the best port,
the best airport and so forth. But when it comes to ranking of
standard of living we fall to 70. This only shows that we do our part
to make singapore no. 1, but how are we treated, how are we

To be accurate and meaningful, shld hv 2 different set of standard,
one for lions and one for sheep. our lions properly ranked 1st, sheep
rank very low.

Ah Goh is 3rd in the World but not S'poreans. $600k is a peanut to
them! Unforgetable comments!

Cost of Living 51
Leisure & Culture 71
Economy 68
Environment 39
Freedom 42
Health 74
Infrastructure 69
Risk & Safety 100
Climate 39
Final Score 61

Let's look at scores which are lower than 51.
Environment 39 => They look at population density. We are a city
state; we will sure lose. Nothing PAP can do about.
Freedom 42 => We know this also. No argument there. Perhaps PAP can
improve here.
Climate 39 => Very subjective. Some people prefer tropical weather.
Some people prefer 4 seasons. Nothing PAP can do about.
Other scores are not so bad

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