Singapore should invest in Haiti

From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: Singapore should invest in Haiti
On Jan 31, 8:07 pm, "cluedo" wrote:

> The land in Haiti is barren but fertile, and its weather is similar to
> Thailand. labour cost is cheap, and the people is used to hard farming life.

> Hard to belived it used to be self sufficient in rice production in the 80s.
> USA really screwed up their economy.

> Anyone interested to send 100,000 pigs and start some rice or banana
> plantations there ?

> Labour cost is cheap, land plentiful, even some Chinese Nationals are there
> checking things out.

> "Zanzibar" wrote in message

> On Jan 30, 1:37 pm, "cluedo" wrote:
> > Singapore or China should invest in Haiti immediately..
> > The place is like a big kampong in the 60s.
> > Good location for a farming industry.
> Maybe old hags should be sent there..

Seriously chinese nationals will likely go first to gain a foohold in
there. There have the financial support from their Govt and banks.
Whereas as for Singaporeans, the majority of lay people have no money
as most of their money went to paying their HDB flats.

They therefore unlikey to have the money to go there. For the rich
singaporeans, they are not interested as they have money to invest in
other areas of their own.

As for Temasek, they are interested in putting money in "deposits" lie
buying shares in citibank and so on in order to earn little but safe

The chinese entrepreunership is moving fast across the world. In Cuba,
a chinese national who went there to study spanish in 2005 become the
bsss of a biggest bus company in cuba.

Initally he chanced the opportuntiy to become a interpreter for the
Cuban president Fidel and the Chinese envoy.

Thereafter he found that the bus sytem in Cuba was tattered and
rundown like those in the 50s and 60s.

He then bring in chinese bus engine to replace them so that buses have
less breakdown and more efficiently operated for the people there.

Thereafter he became the main bus engine supplier bringing engines
from china.

Later he became the biggest bus assembly company in cuba providing
assembly and production of new buses for the transport needs in

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