Pap has betrayed Singaporeans?

From: "truth"
Subject: papists are traitors

Instead of improving the lives of average Singaporeans,
they have taken measures over the last 20 years which
have made lives difficult for the average Singaporeans.

They opened the floodgate to over a million foreigners to
enter Singapore to live and work in an already very
crowded Singapore. Consequently Singaporeans have
to work harder and for less. So they don't have enough
to lead decent lives.

The influx of so many foreigners have driven up the
cost of living. So Singaporeans are squeezed both ways.
Lower wages and higher cost of living.

At the same time while more than a hundred thousand
foreigners are entering Singapore, the HDB cut down
on the supply of flats. Higher demand and lower supply
have driven up cost of housing skyhigh.

Years ago, they do away with the queueing system for
public housing. Replacing it with BTO. Consequently
Singaporeans have to pay market prices and wait for
3 years before they can get their flats.

They continue to make male native Singaporeans serve
NS while exempting male foreigners who took up
citizenships. To be born a Singaporean is a major
liabilitiy. Those who have migrated and have given up
their citizenships still have to serve NS. This is most
ridiculous. Ex-native Singaporeans have been jailed
for visiting Singapore to attend the funeral of their

It is clear the papist leegime has sold out the welfare
and interest of native Singaporeans. All for what ?
So that the papist leegime can cling onto power and
thus continue with their easy and luxurious lives. All
this while the average Singaporeans are suffering.

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