MM Lee wants Singaporeans to work harder to replace foreigners

From: OngBak3
Subject: MM Lee wants Singaporeans to work harder to replace foreigners

SINGAPORE citizens and permanent residents (PRs) receive very
different treatment in government policies, and this distinction has
sharpened further in recent months, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said

As the Government slows down the inflow of foreign workers, he urged
Singaporeans not to forget the contributions that foreigners have made
to the economy.

However, should the foreign worker tap be turned down too much, it
could lead to a 'deflating economy', he warned, in a speech that also
dwelt at length on the importance of boosting productivity.

MR LEE Kuan Yew last night painted a stark picture of what failure to
boost productivity growth could mean for Singapore.

To continue to grow and prosper while slowing the intake of foreign
workers, the same number of Singaporean workers must produce more,
said the Minister Mentor.

Otherwise, there will be a deflating economy, and knock-on effects on
jobs and asset values, he said.

-clarissa oon

From: baldeagle
Subject: Re: MM Lee wants Singaporeans to work harder to replace foreigners
On Feb 20, 9:48 am, "Allah , your only god Allah" wrote:

> I agreee with LKY ,

You are not alone...there are millions of
fools like you... in Singapore. You are fooled
by LKY and his people.

> without foreigen workers , Singapore will be out of
> Competition

You are wrong....Singaporean can and has been
competitive without foreign workers.
See SIA, DBS...and other commercial giants who
grew into international brands..without using
cheap workers.
Cheap foreign workers only help companies to
make bigger billions.

> Singapore products will be too expensive .

With foreign workers...things become even more
expensive. If you have the brain...just see how
expensive made-in-Singapore products have
become. The products are expensive because
the manufacturers make a huge profit margins.

From: NotMyProblem
Subject: Re: MM Lee wants Singaporeans to work harder to replace foreigners
"Allah , your only god Allah " wrote:

> I agreee with LKY ,

> without foreigen workers , Singapore will be out of
> Competition ./

> Singapore products will be too expensive .

Do you see any products cheaper now?. The cost of any product depends on
several factors; rental, utilities, taxes, govt fees, etc. labour cost
is very small in comparison.

Giving an example; Due to MOM's so called risk assessment thing, the
same job previously cost $300, now $900. The extra is for
"ass-covering"... sorry, risk assessment.

And do you know the amount of licenses needed for operation; BCA's,
SCDF's, NEA's, EMA's, MDA's etc, etc. and none of these licenses is
value-add to the products, just increase the cost.

From: baldeagle
Subject: : MM Lee warns Singaporeans...Reducing foreign workers would lead to income and property prices going down ! Is he telling the truth ?

LKY is NOT telling the truth. He try to create fear among
Singaporeans ..with lies. Is Singaporeans stupid...cannot
see through his spins.

Let's see if it was true that... if foreign workers go...the income
of Singapore workers will go down .

Employers are firing older Singaporeans earning high salary...
and replacing them with cheap foreign workers.
Employers are paying low wages to Singaporean workers
Many have no real increase in salary for years....because
foreign workers help employers to keep salary very low.

Without cheap foreign workers, Singaporean workers will see
their income rise (due to no more competition from cheap
workers), will enjoy fair pay for fair work, will see increment
in salary increases yearly.

LKY is a very smart spin doctor...he twisted the truth.


  1. LKY should have taken a hike 20 yrs ago.

    On the contrary, it should be Sporeans working harder with all opposition parties to replace all the fcuking Scumbags in LKY's PAP.

  2. Work harder is not good enough, we should work smarter and multi-tasking. Example, it takes a person who is hardworking to get a job done in 1 hr and compare to another person who is smart and get same job done in 30mins. Who is more productive? Many people compare foreign workers as low level employees etc but i think the real problem is foreign workers who are doing higher lvl of job and not productive.

  3. Just stop and think. With our own citizen of only 3+ million, and our Govt with so much money, it should be no problem to give everyone a good standard and quality of life; just like the Brunei Govt? Most Brunei citizen have more than one car, one big landed property and no income tax. They have retirement. I think Brunei is also a small country.