Is PAP a caring government

From: baldeagle
Subject: Is PAP a caring government ..or is it an uncaring government ?

On Feb 27, 6:55 pm, archangelgabriel

> I would like to differ your views.
> Look around the World, where else you have a caring government
> who looks after her citizen's almost everything.

Caring ! PAP a caring government ?

Good advice.

I look around the world, the USA, in Europe, in
Australia...what do I find ?

If I am sick, I get free hospitalization, ...if I am unemployed,
I get unemployment payment,...if I work, I am paid a minimum
wage....if I buy a house,...I need not work a life time just to
repay the mortgage loan, ...if I buy a car, ...I pay about US$20,000
(Ineed not pay 200% tax)...If I cannot afford cable TV, I
can have a satellite TV (far cheaper)...if I suffer misfortune,
there is welfare (instead of being told, there is no free lunch)

I feel like...PAP is a 'screwing' government... I am being
screwed good and proper.

How do the PAP government care for me ?....Please tell me.

From: yansimon52
The PAP govt is only caring for their own 'kar ki nan'
that their children could book more up market
3 to 4 million caribbean units built by Keppel name
those up market properties....surely you see alot of MIWs children all
having shares on these units.

From: NotMyProblem
We have a caring PAP govt!!
Our govt increased the GST so as to help the poor. (You don't
understand, never mind)

Let foreigners work so that Singaporeans don't have to.

Takes care of all male citizens for 2 years.

Forces you to save for your retirement. But when you retires, you cannot
take your saving out, to prevent you from spending it away.

Finds cheaper places for the elders, away for Singapore, so that the
children can forget about them.

Makes your flats very expensive so that when you sell it you can make a
lot of money, then you can save the money and sleep under some bridges
or beaches.

Singaporeans pay cheaper school fees than foreigners, so that foreigners
must study on scholarships in Singapore, which is provided freely.

When you are rich, the police just give you a warning, for saying the
wrong thing. When you are a nobody, you will be locked up. So by hook or
by crook be rich and powerful.

PAP makes it very easy for you to be rich and powerful, be a YES man in
the PAP.

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