Monday, April 26, 2010

Actress Joanne Peh's breast left dangling

Ann Kok may have won the fashion stakes in Part 1 of the MediaCorp Star Awards 2010 but Joanne Peh was definitely the talk of town with her vampy look in Part 2.

Joanne Peh's black dress accentuated her slim waist and gave the audience a peek-a-boo of her side breast. I think Michelle Chia must have regretted standing next to her.

There was no major surprise for Joanne Peh last night as she got into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award.

On her celebration plans, the birthday girl revealed that she will be jetting off to Los Angeles to meet the parents of her boyfriend, Bobby Tonelli.

In preparation for the meeting, Joanne Peh has thoughtfully prepared a handmade 3D jigsaw puzzle globe. As Bobby Tonelli's parents have never been to Asia, she hopes to bring them a part of it in the form of Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Joanne Peh's nipple shape and size is clearly visible under her black dress in this photo.

Joanne Peh revealed what she ought not to be. Her revealing clothes were so skimpy that didn’t hide anything.

At MediaCorp Star Awards on Sunday, Peh was wearing (hope she has worn some) a cut gown that revealed her girly assets without hesitating.

A viewer who was watching the awards at his home with his family said they got scared rather than astonished on seeing her in such an outfit.

His mother exclaimed, “What is she wearing?” in a horrified manner.

“Her boobs are popping out from the sides! The gown is so ugly. How could she agree to wear something so revealing?”

Her so called glamorous dress was trashy rather than flashy. For such a disgusted choice either Peh is to be blamed or her designer for creating awful breast revealing dress.

She’s not the only star who walks the carpet with a trashy designer dress. Adding their names to the list was China-born American actress Bai Ling whose frontal assets are on full display.

More salacious than Peh and Bai Ling is an American actress Rose Mc-Gowan who notoriously turned up in her net-and-string dress at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

And to top up the list is songstress Lady Gaga who was seen almost naked in her music video, Telephone where she wore a provocative dress made of net stockings and black tapes to cover her essentials but actually failed to do so.

Whatever celebrities do their fans ape them with a blind fold thinking that it is in vogue nad never realizing that these trashy dresses can be head sprainer rather than head turner.

On being asked about wearing such barely called clothes plain answer came, “Stars do it all the time! Some local actresses are even worse. This is no big deal.”

One netizen, remarking on website said for Peh: “I got so scared when I saw Joanne Peh hugging the presenter, because I really didn’t want to see her breasts playing peek-a-boo.”

One can laugh on such statements but actually these are the things to be taken care of as fans are following them religiously.


  1. Lucky it's Joanne Peh wearing that.
    If Zoe Tay, her saggy breast will spill out.

  2. No big deal as her breast is not that big as compared to Zoe or Michelle.

  3. I wonder why should a glamorous gal wear something like tat!!!

  4. if her dress is mini dress is better

  5. boyfriend angmoh already, so dress up must be angmoh-like.

  6. shut up you guys are jealous. she looks great. and stop the "angmoh" this and that talk.

    Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. cmon guys...a thumbs up to her

  8. hope she wears skimpier next time.

  9. she should learn to wear nothing!

  10. why she never wear bra?

  11. Ya why she never wear bra? More sexier?

  12. The cut-out's in wrong place. Should be right over her nipples and cunt!

  13. got wear is better than no wear ok...guys

  14. The dress could be sexier if she the length was above the knees. Or better, just slightly lower below the panty line. She has already become one of my all time fantasies. Looking forward to her nude movie!

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