Friday, May 7, 2010

Another MRT suicide - this time at Bedok station

Man jumped at Bedok MRT: Was suicide a result of losing $70K at casino?

A man committed suicide by jumping onto the track of an oncoming train at Bedok MRT station, causing eastbound trains from Eunos to Tanah Merah to be disrupted today (May 7).

According to the news report on The Straits Times website, the incident occurred at 1.42pm.

The track was blood stained, caused by the train wheels rolling over and crushing the man’s body against the metal track.

The man’s body was seen covered with blood and his flesh exposed on certain parts of his body.

One of the man’s arm was also severed and seen lying a few meters away from his body.

It is not known whether the victim is still alive or already dead (which most likely will be the case).

The cause of the incident is still being investigated.

SMRT said that is had deployed buses to assist stranded passengers at the two MRT stations.

It is believed that the man is an unemployed who was retrenched during the downturn and is unable to sustain his lifelihood due to the high cost of living in Singapore. With foreigners taking up jobs, this aged man stands no chance of getting another job.

Videos of MRT suicide (parental guidance required):


  1. See what those foreign 'talent' has done to us (Singaporean). Lots of Singaporean are looking for job, trying so hard. But all position are filled by foreigner.

  2. Many Singaporeans only want to be managers. So foreigners are slowly filling up all posts as we do not need many managers! Blame it on Singaporeans' high and mighty prides or curse the foreigners on their lowly states?

  3. Good Nice Job.... Soon More of this will happen.... High Standards Low Pay Good Good....

  4. To Anonymous Number 2 not all singaporean looking for managerial positions. Most of us just want a job that enable us to support our family.

    A recent incident that happened to my cousin whom was asked to go without pre notice and the company hire someone from China to replace my cousin.

    There was no performance review and my cousin was with the company for 2 years and was asked to leave out of a sudden.

    My cousin new director is from CHINA, I guess she is more comfortable with people from her own country.

    There is alot of company with such foreign Talent without management and leadership skills was given a chance to lead the Team. What about we Singaporean???

    I guess the company performance will be held back under such laedership.

  5. why singaporeans want to die at mrt bcos of not have money,sure i believe that man cannot handle stress anymore than die we cant run aways die.
    at singapore must have money to live orelse hard to live at singapore
    i think even nowaday the mrt have cover its new door also not point.still can die..

  6. we can see that many foreigners are working in sg.almost every retail shops,even promoters,f&b stores and many more,theres always foreign workers,even managers now.and when theyre here they tend to act show off in some ways as if this is their country becox they gt power.y? and whats my point,the point is,singaporean seems so difficult to find a job,but foreigners seems so easy,and best part is they get a manager position.we singaporean have to work under these people??while this is our country??y?? y they esasy to get jobs and what happen and wha will happen to singaporean??what ure happy to see outsiders powering sg anonymous 1 n 2??.these people look down on us.even for electronics stuffs,iphone,laptop or whatever,they even ask u whether u noe how to use or not,whats that??theyre high tech more than u??they cant even speak fucking proper okay with the alright ones but im not okay with the fuck ones

  7. sure he didn't work at Foxconn?

  8. hold your horses... a man gambles away 70k and suddenly foreigners are to be blamed... come on guys be rational.. when do we stop looking for scapegoats and start looking within... he could have happily used 70k for better reasons yet he chose the wrong path...