Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minister of Health Khaw suffered heart attack

May 15, 2010
Khaw leaves hospital
By Salma Khalik,
HEALTH Minister Khaw Boon Wan, 56, left hospital for home yesterday afternoon, following a successful heart bypass 11 days ago.

He looked cheerful as he shook hands and said goodbye to the medical staff of the National Heart Centre (NHC).

The minister, who has been on medication for years to keep his high cholesterol levels under control, was found to have a blockage in his heart during a routine health check-up.
8th May 2010
Health Minister recovering well in hospital
He underwent successful coronary artery bypass surgery on Tuesday May 4. He is currently recovering well in hospital, and is expected to be discharged home in a few days. He should be returning to a full work schedule in a few weeks' time.

During the next 3 weeks, the responsibility of the Minister for Health will be covered by Mr Raymond Lim.

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues have also wished Minister Khaw a speedy recovery.

Minister Khaw Boon Wan underwent a routine medical check-up recently and was found to have an abnormal stress ECG (electrocardiogram). Further tests revealed significant narrowing of a major heart artery.

From: Maximillian Caugilia
Subject: Re: Minister of Health Khaw suffered heart attack

Health Minister kanna health problem.Worst, kanna rich-man disease
This is so ironic, but expected from ministers who are earning
millions out of the sufferings and hardships of the people they had
once pledged to serve and not exploit.
On May 11, 12:17 am, "David Teo" wrote:

> Yes, I think it is not just about today's life. It's also about what happens
> to the soul after the physical body ceases to exist. I.e. if you believe in
> after life. I believe good begets good and evil begets evil. Christians and
> Muslims believe they can go to heaven. Buddhists believe they will
> reincarnate until they reach the perfect state. Whatever our beliefs, I
> think we should all do good. Ordinary people in their own ordinary ways,
> employers in their magnanimous ways and politicians in their benevolent
> ways. This will make the world a less miserable place to live in. Although I
> strongly disagree with Khaw's position that medical services is affordable,
> I wish him speedy recovery. And that he will also reflect upon the misery of
> people who are jobless and have to under go surgery which costs several
> thousands.

From: Zanzibar
When Khaw returns to work next 2 weeks, he should take the initiative
to disclose and show to the public in a transparent way as to how much
his bill was charged for his heart operation.

He should disclose how much more charges he accumulated as he went for
his medical reviews and revisits.

He should also disclose what are those costs of those kinds of high
end medicines that he was given and changed during his weekly,
monthly, and 3 monthly checkups at the hospital that will be
administred to him in the next 6 to 12 months.

He should disclose how much was his physio-therapy cost, too.

By this way, he should be able to say his high costs is paid for by
the taxpayers money or becasue he bought expensive insurance in order
to pay for the high of them.

By this way he should be able to see how much charges will be. He
should be able to reflect how expensive it will be for ordinary lay

He shoudl be able to say how many people cannot afford his way of
medical costs and charges.

He rrecently had advocated to the hospitals to disclose in detail of
the cost of charges on their website so thta the pblci can make
informed choices and decisions of the array of charges involved in the
operation and hospitalisation.


  1. Hi, praise the Lord and pray for our Minister of Health Mr Khaw, a speedy recovery and pink of health, so that, he can continue to further Singapore better medical care both cost and management, amen. Trust the Lord and government where we, children of God, should have faith in Him and our authority in line. Blessings.

  2. Whoa....

    Several years, former minister Balaji was hospitalised too when he was
    MOH minister of state.

    Strangely, every former MOH minister seems to suffer some health problem
    when they are in MOH.

  3. Also remember that Singa-presidents died either during their tenure or just
    a few years later. The black-hole of istana.

  4. please la he using our hard earn money for her mediation bills
    as he is staying at "a" WARD at hospital
    as he earn many money from us...
    why every time pap wrong
    goverment pm lee cover pap backside.
    that not fair man...
    all pap never help poor ppl like us...

  5. Khaw boon wan is a dirty hypocrite. He does not practise what he preached