Thursday, May 13, 2010

Low Thia Kiang Whacked Minister Ng Eng Seng

Govt has made 3 commitments on MTL: Low Thia Khiang
By Cai Haoxiang

WORKERS' Party chief Low Thia Khiang said in an e-mail statement in Chinese yesterday that the Government's reassurances about the mother tongue issue meant it has made three commitments on its teaching and standing.

One, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will never again review the weighting of mother tongue languages in the Primary School Leaving Examination, nor will it find other avenues to do so.

Two, the MOE committee set up to review the teaching and testing of the mother tongue languages will only chart the directions for their teaching in the next 10 to 15 years, and not re-examine their value in the education system.

Three, the mother tongue at primary level holds the same weighting in terms of teaching hours and examination marks as other subjects.

Mr Low said this final undertaking is based on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's statement that the mother tongue will continue to be the cornerstone of Singapore's education policy in the future, as it was in the past.

He then pointedly added: 'If the MOE feels I have misunderstood, please immediately clarify to avoid creating the wrong impression again (and cause) people to feel happy for nothing.'

Mr Low's statement comes a day after PM Lee and Education Minister Ng Eng Hen held a media conference addressing the mother tongue weighting at the PSLE.

The opposition MP, a former secondary school Chinese-language teacher, also scoffed at Dr Ng's acknowledgement that his recent remarks gave the wrong impression that the mother tongue weighting at the PSLE may be cut.

Dr Ng had said on Tuesday: 'I think I should have chosen my words more carefully and apologise for creating that wrong impression.'

Mr Low said: 'I am perplexed and find it hard to understand how Dr Ng said he made the wrong choice of words to create the wrong impression. Is it possible that Singaporeans who care about education and Chinese-language education... all misunderstood Dr Ng's meaning?

'Is it because newspapers reported it wrongly, leading to the mistaken impression of the public, or did Dr Ng and PM Lee wake up in the nick of time and quickly took good advice to prevent this issue from becoming a burden in the next general election?'

Noting that Dr Ng had demonstrated a strong command of English when speaking in Parliament, he added: 'I am surprised he couldn't find the right words.'


  1. soluna wrote:
    Low is very smart.
    He made sure PAP keep to their promise post-election and beyond.
    He look ahead and speaks up for citizens.

  2. Well, well Low is elegently applying salt into their wounds, or perhaps their wounded pride.It is a Pap tactic thrown back into their blackened faces.A minister who has trouble succintly putting his plan across on such a crucial issue, is indeed a bargain.

  3. well done, LTK!

  4. LTK should be able to recall it was Ng Eng Hen who proclaimed the Workers Party's manifesto as nothing more than time bombs that will screw Sporeans up.

    Was'nt the inflow of foreigners by the millions allowed to happen during Ng Eng Hen's watch in the MOM ?
    And now we have the mother tongue fisaco with this Hen bugger helming MOE.
    This goes to show Ng Eng Hen is no freakin big deal and he should learn not to be so cocky.

    Only positive thing is Ng Eng Hen giving his spineless boss more stress.
    And for that, well done NgEngHen! LOL

  5. Comparing George Yeo and Low Thia Hiang, George Yeo has done so much for the country as the Minister for Foreign affairs. He is a good man and a very smart one too. Do you know that he did Singapore proud years back by being one of the top students at Harvard University? Who can do a better job by maintaining good relationships globally? Low Thia Hiang? He is far from the mark!

    Why do the people of Aljunied want to remove a good capable man and punish him for doing a good job? Just because you want a voice? Where's the justice? Although he's a man of a few words, it does not mean that he is not good enough. I implore the residents of Aljunied. Please do not be emotional.

    Wanting to be heard is one thing, removing a good man is another. How would you feel if you have been doing a good job, putting in your best, heart and soul for many years but removed because your boss wants to have a change. You are talking about a fair system. I definitely do not think you are fair to George Yeo!