Monday, May 3, 2010

Why not let foreign talents defend S'pore too?

From: "hwseck"
Subject: Re: Alamak. Why not let foreign talents defend S'pore too?

Fair enough if the engagement of foreign talent is in areas where no
Singaporeans have those expertise. But if a local talent whose experience
and knowledge matches that of a foreign talent, then I see no reason for
engaging a foreign talent apart from the question of emoluments which some
foreign talent may be so foolish enough to accept a more meagre sum than any
Singaporeans would.

But this is usually not the case. Foreign talents are paid far more than
most Singaporeans for similar work.

> Alamak. Talk so much on needing foreign talents. Say how
> S'pore needs foreign talents da survive and how goodda they
> help S'pore.

> I believe that only if foreign talents are paid for by PAP
> ta do ma work while I still get paid for doing nuting.
> Otherwise, it's foreign talents and I slogging for da
> same bowl of rice in Singapore. Not any better contribution.

> Hey! Wait a minute, ain't that's whatsa happening now? Ain't
> foreign talents paid for by POSB aka people's money while
> people lika Dhanabalan gets paid for playing golf...
> Wadda wonderful life, man.

> Then how come foreign talents no need to defend S'pore
> in times of trouble? Why not juz get foreign talents to
> defend S'pore side by side another S'porean?

> Foreign talent is definitely a better classed citizen in
> S'pore than locals. Suka suka can go home when trouble
> comes.


  1. Of course, Defend for what? so small country, wipe out by tsunami also no one know. wont change the world map

  2. we just come to take your money... singapore economy so stable, good place to be when world economy is down ma, asshole