Friday, May 21, 2010

Singapore Teachers on Verge of Rebelling

Subject: Singapore Teachers rebel
Another storm is brewing within the Ministry of Education.

Aisha Quek wrote to the Straits Times Forum last week about the unreasonably
long hours her husband has to work, including not being able to take MC.

What was thought to be just a lone voice sparked off instead, over 2700
comments in the YahooSg! forum within a matter of days, after YahooSg!
published an article based on her letter. This week, more people have
written in to the Straits Time to lend their support to Aisha Quek. Teachers
are getting fed up with official circulars warning them not to speak to the
press or outsiders about their long hours and widespread low morale. But it
is an open secret that majority of teachers are unhappy with their working
conditions and school management. One principal, Charles Surin of Hai Sing
Catholic, was careless enough to get himself into the papers for alleged
bullying and intimidating of his staff.

Matters has gotten so bad that even the Director of Schools has started a
thread on MyForum, a closed online forum for teachers, to gather feedback.

Maybe we could see 10000 teachers go to Hong Lim Park, to demand for better
working conditions, and for a stronger Teachers' Union to stand up for the
rights of teachers.

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