Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dr Wong Yue Sie - Singhealth COO suffers massive heart attack

After a close-call for the Minister of Health, another member of the Health Services community suffered a more severe and massive heart failure.

SINGAPORE : SingHealth's Group chief operating officer, Dr Wong Yue Sie has died after developing a massive stroke. He was 49.

SingHealth says that despite emergency surgery after his stroke last Friday, 29 May 2010, Dr Wong succumbed to the severity of the condition yesterday, without regaining consciousness.

He is survived by his wife, Mdm Choy Sok Cheng, 47, and two teenage daughters.

In a statement, SingHealth's Group CEO Professor Tan Ser Kiat said that they have ve lost a gifted clinician leader and a selfless individual who made time for anyone who needed him.

He adds Dr Wong has left a lasting legacy for his family, colleagues and staff.

Among other things, Dr Wong had been the Chief of the SAF Medical Corps.

In 2008, he was seconded to Ren Ci Hospital as its chief executive officer upon the request of the Ministry of Health.

One critical task he faced was the completion and opening of the Ren Ci Community Hospital.

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