Friday, January 22, 2010

Casino Staff rejected by CRA (casino authority of Singapore)

Look like casino will be opening only next Christmas.

Applications to work at gaming tables rejected by the authorities

By Jessica Lim & Lim Wei Chean

IT WILL be months before the first cards are dealt at Singapore's two casinos, but several employees have already been fired because of stringent rules that dictate who can work there.

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has fired more than 30 casino employees, while Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has also told an unknown number of workers to go.

The Straits Times understands that the workers' applications to work at the gaming tables were rejected by the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA).


Investigation and determination of application
85. —(1) The Authority shall investigate and consider each application for a special employee licence, taking into account any submissions made by the applicant within the time allowed, and shall make an assessment of —

(a) the integrity, responsibility, personal background and financial stability of the applicant;

(b) the general reputation of the applicant having regard to character, honesty and integrity;

(c) the suitability of the applicant to perform the type of work proposed to be performed by the applicant as a licensee; and

(d) any other matter relevant to the application.

Cancellation, etc., of special employee licence
93. "grounds for disciplinary action" means any of the following grounds in respect of a special employee licence:

(a) that the special employee licence was improperly obtained in that, when it was granted, there were grounds for refusing it;

(b) that the licensee has been convicted or found guilty of —

(i) an offence under this Act;

(ii) an offence arising out of or in connection with the employment of the licensee under this Act; or

(iii) whether in Singapore or elsewhere, an offence involving dishonesty or moral turpitude;

(c) that the licensee has contravened a condition of his special employee licence;

(d) that the licensee has failed to provide information that he is required by this Act to provide or has provided information knowing it to be false or misleading;

(e) that the licensee has become bankrupt, applied to take the benefit of any law relating to bankrupt or insolvent debtors, has compounded with his creditors or made an assignment of his remuneration for their benefit;

(f) that for any reason, the licensee is not a suitable person to be the holder of the special employee licence.

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