Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reves Clinic banned from doing Liposuction

THE Ministry of Health (MOH) has ordered the Orchard Road clinic that performed cosmetic surgery on Mr Franklin Heng, just before he died last week, to cease the type of treatment involved.

Mr Heng, 44, the chief executive of a $1 billion company, was rushed by ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Dec 30 but was pronounced dead there despite efforts to revive him.

The former CEO of YTL Pacific Star, a property management firm, had undergone 'liposuction' treatment that afternoon at Reves Clinic. Broadly, the procedure involves sucking fat out of the body.

The divorcee and father of two was said by a close friend to have fretted over 'love handles'.

Police are treating the death as unnatural and are investigating, as is MOH.

'Meanwhile, MOH had already directed the clinic concerned to stop all liposuction and liposuction-related procedures under the PHMC Act,' the ministry said in a written statement. The Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics or PHMC Act governs the operations of private hospitals and clinics like Reves Clinic.


  1. Intelligent man like Mr.Heng would definately choose the best doctor to treat him and I believed the incident was really unfortunate to both doctor and patient. No doctor will act carelessly since every doctor knows that they are also risking their career and their living too. Mr.Heng died and clinic as well as their docotrs are in big trouble. What a pity.

  2. What type of purnishment will fall on the doctor? Which doctor is doing that procedure?

  3. Dr.Jim Wong from Reves Clinic was done that procedure. One of my friend is clinic assistant at that clinic. She said on that day Dr. Jim Wong is in bad mood and not concentrate in operation. She also don't know why the condition become worse like that. WAHT DR JIM WONG HAD DONE ANY MISTAKE ON CEO?