Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pap cling onto power by cheating

From: Teshan
Subject: Re: pap cling onto power by cheating

On Jan 9, 2:02 pm, "truth" wrote:

> It is now very clear to Singaporeans that LKY and his pap
> gangsters will do anything to cling onto power. They have done
> it in the past and they will do it again. In the 1963 GE they
> prevented the popular Lim Chin Siong and his Barisan Socialists
> from ousting the pap by using the ISA. They illegally locked
> up all the vital leaders of the Barisan Socialists, thus weakening
> it. This is not a fair fight. It is just like tieing up the hands of your
> opponents so that u can hit him at random. This is CHEATING.
> They then abused the law to prevent JBJ from making his
> contributions to the politics of Singapore. They have changed the
> voting systems to favour the pap. They have redrawed the
> electorial boundaries to favour the pap. That is why the electorial
> boundaries in Singapore is so absurd.
> So the LKY and his pap gangsters are still in power because
> they cheated. If Singaporeans continue to play by the rules set
> by the cheating pap, I don't see the day when the pap will be
> out of office. They are always one step ahead of the game in
> frustrating the wishes of the vast majority of Singaporeans to
> kick them out. The only way in which Singaporeans can kick
> out the pap is by taking to the streets in massive civil disobedience.

Sinkees are very happy with the gahmen and will vote them in in EVERY
GE, so butt off.

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