Friday, January 29, 2010

Toyota Lexus accelerator kills.....

From: baldeagle

Apparently Lexus is no where near the class, the quality...of fine
cars like Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes-Benz... In fact it is an unsafe
car...not unlike the cheap models manufactured by Toyota.

Toyota launched the Lexus, as an advertising strategy ... to fool
those who think that the high price of a car equal excellent

In subtle advertisements, Toyota encouraged Toyota owners, who cannot
afford the high price, to feel that Toyota in the family of Lexus.
This strategy works like magic,....the sales of Toyota top all
Japanese brands in the USA and in the world.

A few month back, Toyota was forced to recall 4.2 million vehicles
(the cheaper model) because of gas pedal problems...a serious safety
problem. Toyota assured Lexus owners and owners of high end Toyota
models..their cars were safe.

Then...the roof caved in... when an off duty California US Highway
Patrol officer and his family members were killed when the accelerator
in the 2009 Lexus ES 350 he was driving got stuck.
Police said, just before the crash, someone in the car called 911 just
after 6:30 p.m. to report that the car’s accelerator was stuck.

There was NO DOUBT, the tiny flaw in Lexus killed him and his
family...Is the fatal flaw an isolated case ?
NO. an follow up investigation revealed ALL expensive Toyota models,
including Lexus, Camry, the Highlander have flawed gas pedal system.
Another 2.3 millions vehicles (high end model) had to be recalled.

A total of 6.5 millions Toyotas are to be recalled, because of safety

A few year back, there was a heated discussion in this forum on...
whether or not the Lexus measure up to the quality of fine cars...
Lexus owners and those paid by Toyota claimed, it is better than
Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Unfortunately, Toyota failed to measure is NOT a fine
car...only the price could match the best vehicles in the world.

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  1. The current flawed gas pedal system is on Toyota branded cars, not Lexus cars. The Lexus car issue was wrong floor mat installation which can happen to any car.