Thursday, January 21, 2010

Singapore a paradise to Filipinos (Pinoys)

From: "truth"

There are many reasons why Pinoys choose to work abroad. But, why Singapore?
Here are the top 10 things why Singapore is the best place for you to work.

10. Going to Singapore requires no visa. If you are an American or even a
Singaporean, you can go to almost any country that you like and visa will
not be a requirement. Unfortunately, it's not the same for Pinoys. Luckily,
we are not required to get a visa if our point of destination is only within
ASEAN countries, and Singapore is one of those. You can go to Singapore
under a tourist visa (Social Visit Pass) and you will be allowed to stay in
the country for up to 30 days. This can even be extended for another 30 days
so that's almost 2 months in total. Use that time to find work and chances
are, you will find one.

9. Singapore is just close to Philippines. Even have same time zones. Why is
this important? Pinoys who will be leaving a family back in the Philippines
will definitely encounter some bouts of loneliness. Working in a country
just close to Philippines allows you to come and visit your family often.
Moreover, since there is no time difference, you and your family will be
sleeping and waking up at the same time. Talking on the phone or chatting on
the internet can be done at a time convenient to both of you.

8. Easy to adapt to local culture and language. Like in the Philippines,
almost everyone in Singapore knows how to speak in English. That means there
will be no problem communicating and moving around the country. Also, local
culture mostly follows Asian tradition so you will not be "culture-shocked"

7. Many Pinoys are working here already. According to information culled
from Wikipedia, there are currently more than 136,000 Pinoys working and
residing in Singapore. That number is definitely higher now. It's a common
fare to see a "kababayan" here whichever part of Singapore you go.

6. Very convenient transportation system. Singapore's transportation system
is considered one of the best in the world. From trains to buses to
taxicabs, no other word can best describe it but "convenient". Trains and
buses are fully air-conditioned, they come at the exact time as stated, they
are strategically located, almost no traffic for most of the day and drivers
are polite. Did I also mention that some taxicabs come in elegant white
Mercedes Benz?

5. Very low crime rate. Singapore is a first world country, that's already a
given. But how many first world country can boast of a very low crime rate?
Singapore may be the only one. In here, walking on the street at midnight,
even after you've just gone from an ATM machine and withdrew lots of moolah,
you don't have to keep looking over your shoulders for fear of getting
nabbed. I also know of a mother whose main reason she brought her kids here
is because safety is her primary concern.

4. There's discipline in everyone. Some say Singapore discipline is actually
getting overboard to the point that sometimes, there's not enough freedom
anymore. You really can't have everything of course but last time I checked,
order and discipline in Singapore is still the envy of the world.

3. Get Permanent Residence status easily. Getting a PR means you get almost
the same benefits as Singapore citizen without necessarily giving up your
Filipino citizenship. That way, you can reap the full benefits of both. If
you are a Singapore PR, you are allowed to stay in the country over a long
period of time, you can sponsor your family to come over and stay legally,
you can set-up a business here, and many other benefits. We will discuss
that in detail in separate article as well as the steps to become a PR.
Watch out for it.

2. There are MANY jobs available. Last I heard, there are about 1.5 Million
foreigners working and living here in Singapore. That's about 1/3 of
Singapore's total population. Reason behind that is Singapore is creating
more and more jobs because of its booming economy. Good news is local
population cannot sustain all the demand so they turn to foreigners to
provide the necessary talent and skill set. Needless to say, NOW is the best
time to work in Singapore.

1. The pay can make you RICH. As of this writing, the value of Singapore
Dollar compared to Philippine Peso is 1SGD = 30PHP. That's a lot,
considering salary range here for Pinoy professionals can range from SGD
1,800 - SGD 8,000. It can go lower or higher of course depending on several
factors but you get the drift. Use the money you earn to put up business in
the Philippines, buy a property or simply support your family and send your
kids to school. The point is, your earnings will be enough, use it wisely
and it can get you rich!



  1. I find the pinoys to be really annoying now that they are everywhere on this island.. They tend to speak so loudly with their dialect and its irritating.. To make it worse, I look like one of them and I'm always mistaken for being a pinoy.. When buying drinks/food or taking the taxi, the seller and driver would think I'm a pinoy and then realize that I'm actually a local Malay after they hear my accent....

  2. i fucking hate them.. already we have to tolerate those PRCs who are talented in prostitution.. and then those ah neh from india who called us a dog.. Fucking hate these bunch of foreign trash!!

  3. indeed trash... loud, rude, filthy and racists... went for interview couple of times and got interviewed by pinoys... failed my application... they just care about their own race so beware singaporeans, don't be so gullible and let this "garbage" sneak into your turf...

  4. totally agree with all the above. their language made me wanna puke..

  5. eoowwwww
    a lot of pitiful haters here.

  6. I am a Singapore Born Filipino, with all due respect, you "pinoys" should really stay and contribute to your own country, do you know why you guys take forever to develop? even with all your talent? because instead of working in your own country and contributing, you guys leave it in the quest for a stronger currency, a constant brain drain. You come here and reap the rewards of the sacrifices of Singaporeans! And you have the cheek to insult your host. Instead of attempting to hang out with us, you guys bunch up in your own little enclave. Its pisses me off that the PR system is being abuse....Because our Ministers pay is tagged to the GDP, Sad and angry that our own Government uses us and you as mere tools.