Korean star Solbi Kwon Seon Mi in oral sex scandal

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Subject: Korean star Solbi Kwon Seon Mi in oral sex scandal

Enjoy yet another Korean singer/actress got her home sex video exposed
into the internet. Well, she should never to leave anything tapes at
home. This long awaited tape is finally out in the open. There were only
pics circulating in the past.


Solbi (Korean: 솔비and birth name 권선미 (Kwon Seon Mi), born September 30,
1984 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean singer and actress, who
debuted as a member of mixed group Typhoon in 2006. On June 19, 2008,
Solbi released her first solo digital single, titled "Cute Love", the
lyrics in which she composed herself. The song is used as Andy and
Solbi's theme song for the show. An SM trainee before transferring to
Trifecta Entertainment, Solbi had been trained by songwriter Kim Se-
jin for more than 2 years before debut. However, due to her solo
activities, she left Typhoon in 2008.

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