Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ris Low confirmed she is still a Virgin

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Subject: Ris Low confirmed she is still a Virgin

Ris Low reacts to claims that she is sexually active

Ever since news broke on earlier this week that Ris Low has been
appointed as the spokesperson for condom brand, Espire, she's been
accused of having a sexually active sex life, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

However, she clarified that she's very particular when sex is
involved. Since her Mr. Right is not in her life yet, naturally, she
is still a virgin, the ex-beauty queen told the Chinese newspaper.

According to the same publication, her rationale for accepting the 4-
figure endorsement was to spread the message of practising safe sex

Ris, who was once an intern practitioner in a clinic, said she
witnessed a 9-year-old child accompanied by her parents opting for the
HIV test. On another occasion, a 15-year-old teenager had contracted
AIDS because of his promiscuity.

Ris said: "While we can't stop teenagers from engaging in sexual
activities, we can educate them the proper way to protect themselves."

Although she is inexperienced with the usage of a condom, she did her
own research and tests to ensure the reliability of the product.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, she filled about 500ml of water into a
condom to test its durability. She apparently also wore the condom
over her hands, rubbed it vigorously, only to feel a warm sensation.

my paper reported that Ris is currently working as a part-time as a
clinic assistant at an Aids clinic to hone her skills as condom
ambassador. She spends three days a week counselling patients and
teaching them how to use condoms correctly.

She told RazorTV in a live interview: "I want to tell them (youths) to
be responsible for their own actions and to know that unwanted
pregnancies can be prevented, and safe sex can be pleasurable as

Despite her infamy of poor English and credit card frauds, does the
former Miss Singapore World think herself worthy?

Ris had this to say: "I think I'm very much qualified becos I can
reach out to the youths out there.

"Being a youth myself, there's no age gap and I can relate to them

When RazorTV asked about whether she thinks she is the suitable
candidate for the role, Ris said: "I think this has nothing to do with
my credit card fraud and ethics because, afterall, you grow up from
what you've done wrong and you change. So I don't think people should
penalise me for that."

She added that: "I am responsible for my own actions. I did my
probation and served the terms.

"I think I am responsible and matured enough to take up this role as

Although, she made the cover of the December issue of FHM, and is now
Espire's spokesperson, Ris rejects the idea of being a "sex" symbol,
reported Lianhe Wanbao.

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