Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man strips naked at Clarke Quay on New Year's Day

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A man queuing up outside a club decided to give fellow revellers some
'entertainment' as he stripped himself naked and engaged in a game of
hide-and-seek with club security.

According to citizen journalism website STOMP, which received
information from a reader, the incident happened at about 1am on New
Year's Day, just after the countdown.

The reader was among patrons waiting in line to enter a club in Clarke
Quay when he saw the man strip himself down to his birthday suit.

The naked man then began a game of hide-and-seek with the security
staff at the club, the reader told STOMP. A large number of police
were later involved in the chase in an attempt to get him dressed

But according to the STOMP reader, the man's clothes were nowhere to
be found. Patrons who had been watching the naked man prance around
the club area later learned that he had to be subdued with a stun gun
in the end.

"Pity, as he really was extremely entertaining to the large crowd that
had gathered to watch him prance around in his birthday suit."

In Singapore, public nudity is considered obscene and hence an

An earlier report today had a resident from Sengkang submit a photo to
STOMP of another naked man wandering aimlessly in the estate.

Almost a year ago, on Jan 24, 2009, a couple, Swedish exchange student
Jan Philip, 21, and A*Star scholar Eng Kai Er, 24, caused a stir by
strolling down Holland Village nude.

While they escaped a jail term, they were both charged and fined
$2,000 each.

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