Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sick of "Happy New Year" greetings

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Subject: Sick of "Happy New Year" greetings

Seriously Sick of This Apathetic New Year Wishes
Posted by: frodonet

I think i'm probably in the whole world who's not into this 'happy new
year greetings' propaganda.

Seriously, what are we trying to do here? happy new year? are you
kidding me?

You know and I know that every year going to be same over and over
again with the same old crap clinging around lives. With every new
year we grow older and weaker and a step nearer to our graves. That is
a medical fact that cannot be changed just by making false wishes.

So why bother with the wishes? as if 2010 going to bring something new
really..O REALLY?...i sneered at every wishes i can see, and find it
funny even when all of our life experiences have taught us, we yet to
see the futility of propaganda culture of wishing people.

what makes me laugh, is when ppl make resolutions for the new
year...seriously lol? why wait till new year? cannot do now meh?

We are really love to delude ourselves when we wish others happy new
year, when we know it's not going to be...

anyway, while ppl are celebrating their countdown, they don't realise
that 2012 is getting nearer and nearer.

celebrate some more la...the mayan prophecy it's coming!

you may disagree with me, but you know i'm right.

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