Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LHL spoke as if he OWNs Singapore

From: "truth"
Subject: LHL spoke as if OWN Singapore

Monday, January 25, 2010
Lee Kuan Yew's son wants to "update the system"!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's official newspaper the state owned and controlled Straits Times
on line edition of Jan 26, 2010 has this story "Updating the system takes
time". The Straits Times is the principle propaganda department for
Singapore's strongman Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Kuan yew's son whom his father appointed Prime Minister some time ago
said at a conference in Singapore recently " the most difficult challenge
facing Singapore is finding a political system that works for generations to
come"! Is he not being a little too presumptuous or can it instead be a case
of total ignorance.

If we had to remind him where is he living, he has to be told that he is in
Singapore, and not North Korea. And in Singapore the system of government
has already been decided and which is found in a document called the
Constitution. And this document it so happens tells us how Singapore is to
be run; which by the way is through democracy.

And there is no need for his unsolicited plan for any change because we
don't want any.

The arrogance of this father's son is simply outrageous. He talks as if the
entire island of Singapore belongs to him! He has to be reminded that
Singapore is not his to play with. It has a Constitution which has to be
obeyed, which up till now both father and son totally disregard. And
according to it, it is supposed to be a parliamentary democracy with a free
press, with rights such as free speech and expression and with an
independent judiciary with the rule of law.

The son in cohorts with his father has been denying the people each of these
rights turning them into nothing more than slaves.

And not satisfied with the universal control over the people which he
already has, he intends to control even more.

It is this arrogance on the part of father and son that chases away educated
people from Singapore's shores, silences criticism or opinion entirely
within the island turning the people into nothing better than robots.

No wonder father and son are struggling to keep going with every department
of Singapore society steadily declining.

Thinking people are not going to help you if you treat them this way, which
is something both father and son simply do not understand.


  1. In reality LHL is spineless and chicken-shit scared about his future, especially when the old pig retires to his grave, and LHL knows it is 'not a given' that he can continue to sit on the throne.

  2. Keeping up with the Kims, Li Shengwu to be next PM, then SM, then MM?

    Why not just create an absolute monarchy and be done with it?