Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The most appropriate religious belief is...Taoism

From: yansimon52
Subject: The most appropriate religious belief is...Taoism......Why issit so?

Have we ever come across taoist as sucide bomber?....No

Simple reason is......Taoist followers accord the proper respect to
spirituality when praying.The other thing is....when taoist mediums
are in spiritual trance.......none of these Taoist medium dare to lay
claim that they were interacting with the Heavenly God. They only
claimed that they were interacting with Dieties....that's all.
Taoist followers did the rite thing by giving proper respect that is
why we see Taoism is a very peaceful religious belief. No doubt their
temple medium did prayer session during nightfall but its all for good
purpose....helping those that were interfered with naughty spiritual
forces/elements that turned them sickly (its followers). Cos,
according to the 'Law Of Nature'...Dieties are 'guardian' for all warm
blooded living beings, helping those that need their help in fighting
off undesireable elements/spiritual forces.

Its been donkey years or since the beginning of mankind.....every
human has the potential to interact with any Diety or other spiritual
forces BUT certainly not the Heavenly God....cos, the understanding of
the Heavenly God is beyond all human imagination. If the Heavenly
could be understood by human or any special human...then look likes
the Heavenly God got to close shop.

Unfortunately, all these while we been hearing certain ppl from a
certain religious group claiming that their prophet was able to
communicating with the Heavenly God.....sigh....sigh who is he

As I said in the spiritual world......we mankind is a 'Nobody'....and
we has alimitation in understanding far as in the
spiritual world is concern...I am a Nobody....Osama is also a
Nobody.......Dalai Lama is also a Nobody....Obama is also a
Nobody......needless to say...the so-called prophet muhamad is also
another Nobody...afterall all these ppl that I mentioned are just
human....and having an average life span of about 70 to 90 yrs
old......Halo.....what is 70 to 90 yrs in this planet earth?.....Mind
you this planet earth existent is about 20 billion, what
is the big deal about us as human.

So, what Islamic scholar we are talking about...I think they can 'fly
kite' with their story book.....cos, this story book confused alot of
its followers turning them into sucide bombers...causing unnecessary
killing among bros....confused story book created confused ppl....and
did confused thing...
No wonder in this present time.....we see most of the world 's trouble
spots are alll connected with the islamic movement....sigh...sigh.
when were they ever learn.?


  1. show me god instead b4 we can believe and do stupid things for god
    its been a few thousand year since a messenger was sent, show me another one send by messiah.
    all the chaos and problem started with belief & faith for it, how many people have died from it, there is no god, only mental problem due stress inn life.

  2. Taoism that involve Medium especially practising their services at the wrong place - HDB flat indeed posed a nuisance and spoilt the ambience of our beautiful environment. Hanging so many red lanterns with red banners like the estate of Geylang. Burning incense papers, toxic joss-sticks smoke, shouting huat huat la, chanting aloud in their house lah, whipping the whip like in the gallow at night. Carrying their deities walking up & down to void deck & wiping so show off their power. Devotees so thick skin disturb neighbours coming almost everyday & night to visit their so called god who fools around with women, scold others vulgarity. Really blind faith, may be the medium has superficial charm. Go to big temple at least there is no bedroom to do special cleansing. Have respect for your neighbours. Some medium thinks they are god to do what they wish.

  3. I'm sorry if I come across as dissecting your essay on Taoism, but I've got strong views on Taoism which I hope you will consider.

    We may not have come across Taoist suicide bombers these days because suicide bombers are either Muslim or Hindu. As for suicide, can you say that no Taoist has ever committed suicide, and can you say that none have in the course of committing suicide brought another along with him?

    As for according 'proper respect to spirituality' I can tell you that a great many people accord that kind of respect whichever their religion-- plainly because when people pray, or meditate, they enter the spiritual or metaphysical realm and can be nothing but, well, 'according respect to spirituality'.

    If Taoist mediums cannot claim to be interacting with the Heavenly God, how do they get Taoists? If there's a God that's so powerful, do Taoists not want to know what He thinks? Do the different deities pay obeisance to that Heavenly God; and if they do, would not worshipping that God be better?

    As for Taoism being a peaceful religion, what can I say? Not very much so in the past, present and even not the future.

    In the past, those who kept Chinese folk religions (if the name 'Taoism/Daoism' hadn't come about) have persecuted and killed many who had religions considered non-Chinese, e.g. Buddhists. In the present, I can tell you that just like in Hong Kong movies, gangsters and cops can pray to Guan Gong/Yu before meeting on the streets.

    As for the part about no one having access to God, Jesus said that he is the way to God. The Father is in Christ, and He in the Father.

    Jesus is the Living Bread. If you cannot believe that he is your Saviour, would you not at least believe that at the Lord's Supper he said to his disciples, 'Take, eat, this is my flesh' when he broke the bread, and 'Take, drink, this is my blood' when he passed the (probably-yeasted) grape juice around?

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Prophet Mohammad was a nobody. He IS somebody. Have you spread your religion across countries, no, even continents? And have you so threatened the decline of the Roman Empire as he did? Or, closer to home, did the Admiral Cheng Ho or his family convert to your religion?

    This earth might as those brilliant scientists claim been around for billions of years; but honestly, do you care if no one were around before the last six millennia? And if we have been around for longer than that, were we even living as people?

    The Koran is a great book, in my opinion far better than the I Ching, which parts I think are beautifully written-- but which I simply can't believe, and at times even believe elegant nonsense.

    Let me say that selective reading by extremists can do a lot of damage to desperate individuals. It is not the book. It is the teachers of the book who want to see bloodshed, who manipulate these individuals toward what they want.

    As for learning, let me tell you that Muslims, generally, will not want to learn from someone, for instance like Ji Gong, in the sense of doing what he does. Ji Gong I believe belongs to the Taoist tradition. I once saw a man dressed up just like him in town, outside a lottery outlet, spewing various numbers... and passersby were laughing at him.

  4. Maybe ignore the part 'The Father is in Christ, and He in the Father', even though Jesus did make that claim. More importantly, Jesus said that he was 'the Way, the Truth and the Life', and that 'no man cometh unto the Father', but by him.