Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elections not so soon yet : SM Goh

From: Tanki
SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong welcomes the entry of young Singaporeans
into the ranks of the opposition but says the People's Action Party is
out to attract even better young people.

Singaporeans should also not start getting excited about a general
election as the Government was still focused on the economy, he told
reporters at a Marine Parade constituency event on Sunday.

The Straits Times reported last week that two ex-government
scholarship holders had joined the Reform Party. Several young,
tertiary-educated individuals have also joined other opposition
parties. The Workers' Party said it recruited 50 young people this
past year, many of them graduates and professionals.

Said Mr Goh of these developments: 'It's not a bad sign because
politics in the future should be contested by able people, especially
those with good character. And young, able people do not have to agree
with the PAP.

'Of course, we hope they would join us, even though they disagree with
us, so that we can have disagreements sorted out within the PAP, and
then we have a policy manifesto for the public.'

But he added: 'If they choose to contest against us, but they are
decent people with good views, I think it is to be welcomed. Of
course, I'd be happy if they were to join us, but let it be. Then, if
you move into the future, there will be a better contest of ideas in
the political domain.'

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