Sunday, January 24, 2010

Military Police called in for Geylang Operations

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nasi wrote:
first time seeing this.
is the police force is short handed? or
the police themself lacks the skill/courage for unarm combat when face
with violence men? (recent shooting case of 3 vs 1)

gkk wrote:

Military police more well train in handling violence and arm combat?
i though military police is meant for military only, have come can use
for civilian

Sharkula wrote:

They are "Stingers" Laughing Hong Kong call 放蛇
放蛇 was God's invention he was the 1st to 放蛇 to catch Adam and Eve
You think lar....when you raid a the time the Police go
inside the rooms....everything will be back to "normal" liao....charge
the girls what? Sing KTV with friends on social visit pass is not an
offence evidence they are working there meh? got payslip

Chinese say "catch chickens have to be on the bed" mah....with Army
boys acting as customer....the KTV will be raided from within and not
from outside

170 people arrested in multi-agency operation at Geylang
By Claire Huang/Cheryl Lim, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : Some 170 people were arrested in a multi-agency operation at Geylang on Friday night.

The operation involved Home Team officers from the Singapore Police Force, the Central Narcotics Bureau and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

They also joined hands with officers from Singapore Customs and the SAF Military Police Command to conduct the raids.

The 14-hour operation was led by the Criminal Investigation Department and it deployed more than 200 officers.

The raids were conducted on Friday afternoon and ended early Saturday morning.

The people were arrested for a host of criminal offences including illegal gambling activities, secret society involvement as well as peddling of contraband cigarettes.

Officers said the operation on Friday also uncovered persons who were wanted for other offences.

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