Sunday, January 17, 2010

Law Minister: Romanian diplomat is innocent until proven guilty

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Subject: Law Minister: Romanian diplomat is innocent until proven guilty

Romanian diplomat case: Don't jump to conclusions
Too early to pin guilt in hit-and-run case
By Kenny Chee

IT IS not right or appropriate for the Singapore Government to
determine guilt in the ongoing investigations related to a hit-and-run
accident involving a Romanian embassy car, said Law Minister K.
Shanmugam yesterday.

But it is right for the Government to investigate the facts, put them
forward and take the appropriate steps, he told reporters after a
dialogue with Yew Tee residents.

"There is no question of us not going through the facts carefully or
trying to shield anyone, or not following due processes," he said,
stressing the need for fairness.

Mr Shanmugam was replying to a question a resident had posed on the
Government's apparent silence on the accident.

Earlier this month, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo said that due
process must be allowed to take its course for the case.

The accident occurred last month in Bukit Panjang. It left one man
dead and two men injured. Mr Shanmugam said that the police would
"investigate without fear or favour" and that, in the next step, the
Attorney-General would "proceed only if he believes that a case can be
made in court with witnesses beyond reasonable doubt".

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