Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Bad News For Lexus Car Owners

From: Dänk 1010011010

Subject: Re: Calling all Lexus owner...Do you know how to stop your car..when its computer floor the gas pedal ?

On Jan 28, 10:47 pm, baldeagle wrote:
> Lexus owners:
> By now I think you know that when you step on the gas pedal, you
> instruct the computer to open the throttle (the fuel valve.) You
> assumed that when you step on the brake pedal, the braking system will
> over-ride the gas pedal and it will stop the car. Lexus does not work
> this way.

> There is a flaw with design of your Lexus. The computer could mal-
> function, and continue to feed maximum amount of fuel into the engine
> and worse still, it over-ride the brake pedal.... In other words, the
> Lexus will not respond to your instruction...on its own it shut down
> the braking system, and dump max fuel into a furious engine. Suddenly,
> as if a ghost has taken over the control of your Lexus !

And like almost all other auto parts, the computer control system in
the Lexus and other automobiles is manufactured in China, a country
which would benefit if 300 million American drivers suddenly lost
control of their vehicles and died in fiery crashes.

But Communist China would never sabotage the products it exports,
would it? Poison dog food, poison milk, poison infant formula,
defective computer chips, and so on.

baldeagle wrote:
Good try ! But you are and ignorant wrong as usual.

Who made the car parts in the accelerator system in
the Luxus?
If you had read TimesOnline website, you would have
known, and not made a fool of yourself. The deadly part
was made by US automotive group CTS, in Indiana,
USA. (see below).
Obviously, Toyota has quality control problems over the
car parts used in Lexus car. One would expect them to
test and retest ALL parts use in their Benz and
BMW. Lexus owners were fooled by Toyota..

For you information, products made by US factories
in China are usually of superior quality...
Quality is one of the reasons why USA and the rest of the world
imported trillions dollars worth of goods from China. Quality..
GOOD what importers paid for. Smart importers of
China made goods are NOT stupid like you.

Only stupid fools would pay top prices for a unsafe car like

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