Friday, January 8, 2010

Google Nexus One - now available in Singapore

SINGAPORE is one of the first four places in the world where Google's first 'own-brand' mobile phone will be available. Called the Nexus One, the phone was unveiled at a private press-only event at Google's headquarters in the United States on Tuesday.

The phone is sold only through Google's very first US web store at and is now available for purchase. Hong Kong and Great Britain are the other two locations where the phone will ship to currently.

This reporter viewed the event via a private live webcast and immediately ordered one for US$577.31 (S$806.65), which comprises US$529 for the device, US$19.99 for the power adapter and US$28.32 for shipping through DHL.

Payment is made through credit-card but users will need to have a Google account.

For US users, they have the option to buy the phone at the regular rate or sign-up with US telco T-Mobile for a two-year contract and enjoy a subsidised US$180 price tag. Users outside of the US can only order the unsubsidised phone, which will not be SIM-locked so customers of all three telcos here should be able to simply switch their existing SIM cards to the new phone.

The Nexus One is sold by Google but manufactured by its partner, Taiwan's HTC. The Nexus One has been touted as the best Android - Google's mobile operating system - phone since the first Android phone G1 was launched 15 months ago.

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