Friday, January 22, 2010

LKY earns over $30 million a year

From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: The multiple sources of income of LKY

On Jan 19, 11:14 am, "truth" wrote:
> LKY draws a salary of over $3 million a year.
> He also draws a pension. Until not too long ago this
> is secret to average Singaporeans.
> He earns director fees for sitting on many corporate boards.
> He collected $millions from his royalties from his writings
> including feature articles for world media.
> He collected huge rentals from his massive property portfolios.
> He also collected lots of dividends from his massive share,
> bonds and other financial instruments.
> As Chairman of GIC with a portfolio of over US$300 billion
> I am sure they rewarded him in the $millions.
> LKY is raking in well over $30 million a year.
> He is a very very rich man.
> So a low income tax is very much in his favour.
> Cutting the inheritance tax to zero is very good for his children.
> So less transperancy is also good for him. The less Singaporeans
> know of the extent of his richness, the less they will be unhappy
> with his broken promise to give poor and average Singaporeans
> a decent life and a secure retirement in return for keeping him in
> power for so long.
> He has forgotten about his promise. These are things furthest
> from his mind. How can Singaporeans ever trust him again ?

Jack Neo taught him....'money not enough'.....

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