Friday, January 29, 2010

US dogs didn't like human rights Singapore style - Too bad

From: baldeagle
Subject: US dogs didn't like human rights Singapore style. Too bad.

On Jan 24, 11:54 am, prophet Muhammud the Child Fucker wrote:
> "Singapore is no more REPRESSIVE than Saudi Arabia."

If you are an Islamic terrorist or a drug trafficker, Singapore
is much MORE repressive than the Saudi.
Singapore lock you up in jail, without trial, and throw away
the keys.

We like our way of locking up suicide bombers... We never
treat terrorists normal healthy good citizens.
We treat them the way they should be under
quarantine, like people with deadly contagious disease....

If you are a drug trafficker, we hang you....we DO NOT
give you the rights to kill our kids.
To us, drug traffickers are the most dangerous
kind of murderers, .. they murder our kids. We hang
In Singapore, our kids have more rights to live ...than
the drug traffickers.

We are proud of our ways...To us, suicide bombers
and murderers (traffickers) hove no human rights.

Of course, if you are a US dog, you will certainly
find Singapore most oppressive ....

Too bad.

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