Sunday, January 17, 2010

CITY Harvest Church announced $310 million to buy land

Edward The Elephant Trunk wrote:
CITY Harvest Church (Sg) has announced a $310 million expansion plan
to buy land, and to erect a building that will house shops,
restaurants and a 12,000-seat auditorium.

Founder Kong Hee, 45, said during church services yesterday and last
Saturday that the land sale would be completed later this month. He
did not specify the location, but said the site would be in the
'central south' district.

He described the site as 'super large'. It is believed the site covers
an area as large as three football fields - six times the size of the
Protestant church's current home in Jurong West Street 91, which it

TienSin wrote:

The Second Commandment:
You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.

I will add, worst are those who uses God's good name to enrich
thyself ... its worst than blasphemy


  1. I appreciate your love for the LORD, but there are several things that u need to know:

    1. Having their own land is definately cheaper than renting a place for a long run.
    2. The God that we served is a BIG God, which is why we need to build God a great house. Even King Solomon used so much $$$ to build God a great house
    3. There must be a balance between helping the poor and needy, and also building God a great house. we dont serve a poor God.

  2. 10 commandments are old testament days...jesus came so that we don't need to live and die by the 10 (or 11 according to you) commandments any more.

    u shld also re-think ur allegation about pst. kong using god's name to enrich himself if u do not have any proof or hard facts.

    Where did he the pastor get his money unless from his flock to fuel his lifestyle and his wife(hmmm cant really say this, but which pastor would keep a wife who shows flesh to the public)..hmmm. And instead of using the money to help the homeless or the children on the streets in our neighbouring countries he spends it on buildings to collect more money...
    So maybe the shepherd is the

  4. To Anonymous ( June 21, 2010 4:33 AM ) ,

    did you contribute a single cents, if not you are just a hypocrypt