Saturday, January 9, 2010

Actress Kasandra Kong wrote about her sex life

From: bear
Puke, another example of women with no self respect

From: saki seto <1sakis ...="""">
All the complaints about molesting publicly in Siloso,
now we have an idiot getting herself molested and raped in private,
and got herself pregnated even (don't know what is condom?)
then her sister also raped by the same prick. (stupidity runs in the
See why we need FT.

On Jan 9, 11:32 pm, Tanki <5191 ...=""""> wrote:
> A 22-year-old was inspired to write a local bestselling book after
> seeing her younger sister go through similar relationship problems as
> she did when she was her sister's age.

> Titled "This Is My Story" by Kassandra Kong, the book has sold about
> 3,000 copies and has been on Singapore's Sunday Times bestseller list
> since its launch two months ago.

> In the book, she claimed that her then-boyfriend had slept with her
> friend, and then her younger sister before getting her pregnant twice.

> The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, while she went for an
> abortion the second time.
Ms Kong also wrote about how she stuck by her then-boyfriend despite
> knowing that he slept with her friend and sister, and how he did not
> show up at the Registry of Marriages after asking her to pick a date.

> The couple broke up in June 2007.

> Ms Kong said her parents gave her positive reviews after the book
> launch, but her sister - who she claims slept with her then-boyfriend
> - is not talking to her. Her ex-boyfriend did not contact her.


  1. I have my doubts about whether is this really her story. Did you see her photo? This girl was definitely a babe.

    There are only two reasons why you go back to the ex after he has been unfaithful, and neither stupidity or "true love" is one of them. It's either you are ugly or he is super rich.

    This story is none of the above, which makes me believe that this is not Ms Kong's story. It probably happened to another pathetic soul. This person is the one that we should really sympathetise, and not this ghostwriter.

  2. ghostwriter! hoho.
    she looked like one.
    a ghost i mean.

  3. She will get more buyers for her book, if she change the script to - her boyfriend also sleeps with her mother. So she will suffer more emotional turmoil that way, boyfriend stolen by her own mother - wow what a story that would have been! Hee Hee.

  4. Well, just because someone is a babe, doesn't mean she is incapable of stupidity. How superficial can people be!!! Writing about being stupid..hmmm how interesting..

  5. I just read this book because her company wants my company to do a MOVIE for the book and I've a huge headache now because my brain is mad at me for torturing it by reading the most idiotic piece of writing I've ever read in my entire life. I can't believe somebody would PUBLISH this! Here is one of my favourite passages word for word: "It hooked a weakness in me and left me in a drunken stupor to accept the fervor when he said, "I am true about you and I really want to be with you. To prove it, I'm going to have your name Kasandra printed into a sticker and paste it on my car! What I own would be yours always." My heart was racing, or had it stopped?... "Guys like you are Players. Flirting around... Playing along with any lady who can fulfill your desire. You wouldn't know anything about being true". He defended himself, "It isn't easy removing a car sticker! A mark would remain behind once it's removed. I wouldn't go to this extent if I weren't serious and true to you.Even if I am playing around, a lady with exactly the same name as you is never easy to find; and I know none so far. There isn't another Kasandra for me to say that the sticker was for her."


  6. Her story is true and its very disturbing that people with pea brains like you can leave such atrocious comments.

    I can vouch that the story is real as i know them personally. That guy Simon, is definitely a jerk...

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